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Oculus Go Start Guide


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Oculus Go Start Guide


The best way to enjoy on your Oculus Go is to download the videos on your computer and stream them to your Oculus Go using your Wifi network.
However we offer different ways to experience depending on your constraints:

- Download (recommended)
- Online streaming

Download (recommended)

This option is recommended because it allows you to enjoy at its best! Other options may not play at the best quality for your device.

1. Install Skybox VR on your computer

Visit the Skybox website, download the app for your computer, and install it.

Skybox VR allows you to stream videos from your computer to your Oculus Go. Skybox VR also offers a great user experience and custom setting options within the video player.

2. Install Skybox VR on your Oculus Go

Put your Oculus Go on, go to "Navigate > Search" and search for "Skybox".
Download the Skybox VR Video Player.

3. Download video(s)

- On your computer, go to, make sure you are logged in and browse to the video of your choice.
- In the downloading options choose, "Oculus Go - 60fps".

It might take a while to download the video because of the file size but it is for your own good! A higher bitrate and resolution means a heavier file, but a much better experience too.

4. Play the video

On your computer:

- Once the video is downloaded, launch Skybox VR.
- Make sure your computer is connected to the same Wifi network as your Oculus Go.
- Click "Open" on the top left corner and choose the video or the folder where the file is stored.

Now, put your Oculus Go on:

- Launch the Skybox VR app ("Navigate > Library > Apps > Skybox VR").
- Choose "AirScreen" in the left hand menu and click "Search device". Your computer should appear, click on its name.
- You should now see the videos that are opened within Skybox VR on your computer.
- Click on a video to start playing!

5. Enjoy the experience

Skybox VR controls:

- Swipe right: fast forward 15s.
- Swipe left: fast backward 15s.
- Back button: back to Skybox menu (video list)
- Trigger: opens the overlay menu to manage volume and additional settings for your viewing comfort.

Once you are done you can go back on the Skybox video list and click "Disconnect" at the bottom right.

- If you try to download the videos directly from the Oculus Go browser and store them on your device, you might encounter issues.
- At the moment, the Oculus Go browser does not support the download of heavy files. The only version you will be able to download is the "Mobile LQ - 30 fps" which will provide a less immersive experience.

Online Streaming

If you are in a rush, you can use the Oculus Go browser and watch the videos online. Please note that even if this is the fastest way to watch porn it won’t give you the same level of satisfaction than downloading a full quality video.

1. Open Oculus Go browser

- Put on your Oculus Go and log in to "Navigate > Browser > > Login".
- Choose a video and click the "Play" button.
- The video will start loading, when it's ready, simply click "Start" to enter VR mode.

2. Adjust settings

By default the video is set on "High quality" but you can change the settings. Higher quality video files will provide a sharper image quality but may affect the frame rate. Viewing videos in high-quality might result in the video running less smoothly on smaller devices.