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Samsung Gear VR Start Guide


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Samsung Gear VR Start Guide


There are different ways to enjoy VRCosplayX content with your Samsung Gear VR:

- The most convenient: streaming from your Samsung Gear VR in-app browser.
- The best experience: download and play with the Oculus Videos app.

Streaming from Oculus browser

- Plug your phone and put your Gear VR headset on
- Use Oculus browser to navigate to VRCosplayX and go to the video page of your choice.
- Click the Play button, wait while it loads and click Start.

That's all! Your video will start playing with a lower quality but you can adjust it using the HQ button from the player's menu. Note that you can try any quality but if you choose "oculus" you might experience frame rate drops.


On your phone’s browser, go to VRCosplayX, and select the scene you would like to watch.

Click the Download button, and select the Samsung Gear VR tab. Click the download icon to begin downloading the scene.

Connect your phone to the Samsung Gear VR.

Install the Oculus Video application

    On the headset to library
  • 1. Go to apps
  • 2. Go to not installed
  • 3. Download and install oculus video

Open the Oculus video app, and select the My Videos tab on the left.

You may need to give permission for the app to access the phone’s storage.

Select the scene you would like to watch.

Alternatively, you can open the video using the Samsung Gallery app as well.

    On the headset to library
  • 1) Go to the Library tab.
  • 2) Open the Samsung Gallery application.
  • 3) Select the Pictures tab.
  • 4) Open the video you would like to watch.
  • 5) You may need to change the view mode to 180 3D SBS.

- Browse to VRCosplayX website using your mobile web browser and choose a video.
- Download the Samsung Gear VR format.
- Plug your phone and put your Gear VR headset on.
- Launch Samsung VR Videos app from your Library.
- Play your video! It should be located in Media > Videos> Download.


If you are experiencing an issue trying to watch one of our videos please follow the instructions below before reaching out to VRCosplayX support.

1. Update firmware

Make sure your phone is running the latest version of Android, Oculus Store and other related applications.

**Note: I removed the Samsung video player section, as there are two different applications available that will work**