Pirates of the Caribbean A XXX Parody VR Porn Video
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Pirates of the Caribbean A XXX Parody

Starring: Honour May

Uploaded: February 14, 2020

Duration: 39 min

Tags: Babe Big Tits Blowjob Blonde 180 Doggystyle Facial Fucking BTS Movie

Much like when you’re onboard a pirate ship, there’s a code of conduct when it comes to friend…ships. Article no. 1: Don’t fuck your friend's girlfriend. Well, Captain Sparrow, you’ve overheard Will and Elizabeth talking about a shared fantasy in which Ms. Swann blindfolds Will and fucks him. Sounds like an opportunity right? Today, you’ve popped a hood over your head and snuck into Elizabeth’s quarters. When she initially sees you, she thinks she’s finally about to fulfill her fantasy with Will, but by the time she slips your dick into her mouth, she realizes that the big-dicked bandit is in fact, you, Jack. But in an unexpected turn of events, she decides that stopping is not an option. You may have broken the code of friendship but… they’re more like guidelines anyway. Go ahead and slip your dick into the wettest port in the Caribbean. You’re without a doubt, the best pirate we’ve ever seen.

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