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Lollipop Chainsaw A XXX Parody VR Porn Video
  • 60fps
  • 3D
  • 4K
  • 5K
  • 180°
  • Binaural sound

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Lollipop Chainsaw A XXX Parody

Starring: Anny Aurora

Duration: 32 min

Tags: Blowjob Fucking 180 Videogame Blonde Doggystyle Babe Teen

You've had some weird relationships in your time but this one takes the cake. After being bit by a zombie and nearly turning into one of those flesh fiends, your girl Juliet made the executive decision to decapitate you and perform a ritual to keep you alive. Life without a body sucks, but today's your lucky day because Juliet has found a suitable host body for you. Finally, you'll get to re-visit that sweet, tight pussy, but not before that sexy chainsaw-wielding slut has had her fun with you. Fuck this blonde babe good and hard while you can. Then fill her mouth up with your hot cum. That host body of yours won't be fresh forever, so make the most of it.

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