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Naruto: Ino Yamanaka A XXX Parody
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June 07, 2019 | 38 min
With Nancy A

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You're living the dream, Sai. You've got a knockout wife, a kid who's training with your techniques as part of the new generation Ino-Shika-Cho, and, you run a sweet flower shop. Watching Ino work with flowers brings pure joy to your heart. And that short skirt that she wears pumps that joy from your heart straight to your dick. Ino notices, and even though you should be getting back to your son, you can't resist those beautiful stems, perky tits, and that wet pussy. Slide your dick inside her and let her ride you every which way. Then, let her suck you until you're ready to blow your load on her pretty face.

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2 Broke Girls A XXX Parody
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May 31, 2019 | 40 min
With Angela White and 1 other

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Max has been working hard lately. It ain't easy being a broke girl in New York City - not much time for anything but work. She tends to have dirty dreams, and tonight she's got Caroline on her mind. One of those weird workplace dreams - you know how it goes. Those two do just fine together, but hey, it's a dream, anything can happen. That's why Max has summoned you to join them. These two broke girls want to share your cock, so let them. Grab yourself a handful of Max's massive tits, watch Caroline put you to the back of her throat, just enjoy yourself. This is literally a dream cum true.

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Star Wars: Slave Leia A XXX Parody
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May 24, 2019 | 39 min
With Stacy Cruz

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You've really dropped yourself in it this time, haven't you, Han? You never should have trusted Lando. The bastard gave you up to Vader and had you frozen in carbonite. Lucky for you, Leia has been keeping an eye on you. After Jabba made her put on that sexy little slave bikini, she choked that fat fuck and booked it for your holding area. You've woken up to blasters in your mouth, angry debt collectors, and a cranky Chewbacca too many times to count, but never to Leia in a collar and bikini. She's happy to see you again and so wet you could wring her panties out. Let this big titted babe suck and fuck you back to life. This is what you've been waiting for, but don't hang around too long, there are still bounty hunters on your ass. .

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Lollipop Chainsaw A XXX Parody
May 17, 2019 | 32 min

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You've had some weird relationships in your time but this one takes the cake. After being bit by a zombie and nearly turning into one of those flesh fiends, your girl Juliet made the executive decision to decapitate you and perform a ritual to keep you alive. Life without a body sucks, but today's your lucky day because Juliet has found a suitable host body for you. Finally, you'll get to re-visit that sweet, tight pussy, but not before that sexy chainsaw-wielding slut has had her fun with you. Fuck this blonde babe good and hard while you can. Then fill her mouth up with your hot cum. That host body of yours won't be fresh forever, so make the most of it.

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Apex A XXX Parody
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May 10, 2019 | 55 min
With Sasha Sparrow and 1 other

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It ain't easy being a Legend is it, Mirage? It's a dog eat dog world out there in King's Canyon and things only get worse when the weapons and gear in your landing area is total shit. You took a hit from a sniper, but lucky for you, Lifeline was there to revive you as Wraith wiped out the other team. You are champions of the arena! The girls saved your life. It's time to return the favor and now your dick is rising faster than your rank. These two cock-sucking legends want it in all their holes. You do owe them, afterall. So go ahead, fill up their pussies and assholes with your thick dick and when you're ready, shoot your load across both of their faces. Double headshot.

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The Road to El Dorado A XXX Parody
With Gia Milana
May 03, 2019 | 36 min
With Gia Milana

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El Dorado. The legends are true. What a place. It's been a long road from Spain but you and your buddy Miguel finally made it, thanks to local spicy snack, Chel. She's actually turned out to be a pretty good con artist herself - the way she rigged that ball game with the armadillo was genius. But now it's time to go back to Spain with your gold but first, you must come up with an agreement to split the gold. Chel doesn't just want the gold, she also wants what's in your pants. Let her have it. This busty babe might try to fuck and suck you out of your share of the gold, but it'll be worth it. Road to El Dorado? More like road to Chel Dorado.

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Assassins Creed: Unity A XXX Parody
April 26, 2019 | 32 min

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Star crossed lovin' ain't always the easiest thing in the world is it, Arno? When you fell in love with Elise, you knew things would get complicated. An Assassin with a Templar? Now you're lovers in arms, and tomorrow you're due to assassinate Templar Grandmaster, Germain. But tonight, it's all about you two. Disguised in Templar robes, you've managed to meet Elise at your secret rendezvous point. Make the most of the night, Arno. Your dick is as hard as a Sword of Eden, so let this babe suck and fuck you until you're ready to blow your hot load across her perky tits.

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DOA: Kasumi A XXX Parody
With Jade Kush
April 19, 2019 | 35 min
With Jade Kush

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One more time, one more fight. You’re invited to the Dead or Alive World Combat Championship. It’s your third tournament. As America’s deadliest assassin, you should feel at ease here. But on the eve of the opening match, you feel on the edge. So you decide to spend some quality time in the geisha district of Kyoto where you encounter the infamous Kasumi. She is known to be the ultimate fighter. Unbeatable, invincible, and drop-dead gorgeous. You’re ready to play with her and fall to her feet. Grab your VR headset and go teach Kasumi that her killer looks are nothing without the right moves.

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Darling in The Franxx A XXX Parody
April 12, 2019 | 49 min

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Elite Parasite, Zero Two was initially a little intimidating. She came from a troubled background, I mean, growing up with Klaxosaur lineage isn't easy. As a kid, she was always seen as a monster. but she grew up strong and independent, and boy did she grow up gracefully. You really bagged a good one, Hiro. You dig Zero Two's horns, and well, she likes the taste of you. It was love at first sight, and when she saw you ride the Strelizia, her pussy started dripping like a leaking faucet. Now she wants you to ride her. Now unzip that super tight bodysuit of hers and give her exactly what she wants.

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The Incredibles A XXX Parody
With Ryan Keely
April 05, 2019 | 36 min
With Ryan Keely

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Your crime-fighting life is over as you know it Mr. Incredible, or should we say, Bob? You've been banned from your vigilante ways and demanded to go back to your job in insurance. Tuning into police radio frequencies purely to daydream about your old life offers you a bit of an escape, but that's it. Needless to say, you're a little underwhelmed and down in the dumps. Luckily, you chose a keeper when you married Elastigirl. She's noticed that you've not been yourself, so today she has a suggestion: dust off your old costume and fuck her like you used to after a successful mission. Grab yourself a handful of that legendary ass and remind her that your superpowers make you an absolute stallion in the bedroom.

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Betty & Veronica A XXX Parody
With Kate Kennedy and 1 other
March 29, 2019 | 53 min
With Kate Kennedy and 1 other

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You've always admired Betty and Veronica's friendship. Plus word on the street is that they made out during cheerleading auditions and you simply can't get that image out of your head. Veronica's confidence is undeniably sexy, and Betty's innocence is the perfect yin to that yang. They've both had feelings for you in the past, but today, they realized that there's no reason they can't both have you. Archie, it's your lucky day because these girls come as a package deal and both these boxes are wet for your dick. Get ready for the threesome of a lifetime and let these two babes suck and fuck you until you're ready to shoot your load across the both of them.

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Hela A XXX Parody
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March 22, 2019 | 34 min
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Your name means something, Thanos, Mad Titan. That's why Hela has called upon your services. When she assigned you this mission, you knew you'd have to put what few morals you have out the window. But thanks to your total lack of empathy, that was a breeze. Now, you've returned to Hela as a hero. You've restored balance to the universe and you're still dawning your aphrodisiacal infinity gauntlet. If there's one thing that turns this girl, it's destruction, so go ahead and destroy that pussy, Thanos.